Ludwig admits he doesn’t enjoy gambling after $1m poker tournament

Dylan Horetski
Ludwig The Yard doesnt enjoy gambling

During an episode of The Yard podcast, Ludwig revealed that he doesn’t enjoy gambling – even though he recently held a $1 million poker tournament on stream. 

On May 2, Ludwig Ahgren held a poker tournament on his YouTube channel with a $1m prize pool with high-profile influencers like Alexandra Botez, xQc, Ninja, and MrBeast.

This isn’t the first time Ludwig has participated in a poker match. Last September, Ludwig lost $50,000 to MrBeast during a stream at his home.

During the latest episode of his podcast ‘The Yard,’ Ludwig revealed to his co-hosts that he actually doesn’t enjoy betting and explained that he is a bad gambler.

Ludwig doesn’t enjoy gambling

As the hosts were talking about going to Las Vegas to gamble, Ludwig chimed in with his thoughts.

“I’m over it. I really don’t enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy it, It wasn’t fun losing the money and I’m a bad gambler,” he explained.

The YouTuber went on to explain that he has a bad habit of wagering too much money on a single hand. “I just do one hand rather than smaller bets to build up my money,” he added.

(Topic starts at 1:27:56 in the video)

Alongside the big-name influencers at the event was professional poker player Phil Hellmuth who, at the end of the event, had nothing but praise for xQc, MrBeast, Ninja, and even the host himself.

Regarding Ludwig, he said: “@LudwigAhgren was cool as the other side of the pillow! He organized the game, he played great poker, he won big, and he handled his ups and downs like a true pro (unlike me!). GG Ludwig”

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