TheDanDangler slams Twitch “double standards” as outfit lands her a ban

Dylan Horetski

Twitch streamer TheDanDangler is calling out Twitch for “double standards” after the creator received her third ban for inappropriate attire.

The streamer has amassed over 230,000 followers since she began her live-streaming career in 2019, focusing largely on games such as Warzone and Apex Legends alongside her Just Chatting streams.

Alongside her Twitch channel, TheDanDangler has grown her social media channels with tens of thousands of fans — 30,000 on Twitter and over 90,000 on Instagram.

Now, Dangler has taken to Twitter to call out the platform for “double standards” after receiving her third Twitch ban due to “inappropriate attire.”

TheDanDangler calls out Twitch

On February 17, 2022, the Streamerbans Twitter account revealed that the female streamer had received her third ban on the platform.

Shortly after, TheDanDangler posted a tweet asking Twitch why she had been hit with the ban hammer, seemingly not knowing exactly why at the time.

dan dangler twitch tweet after third ban

Minutes later, the Warzone-streamer posted a picture of the outfit she was wearing on stream with the caption “Just got a ban on Twitch for this outfit” alongside the message she had received from the platform.

Her message from Twitch said: “Inappropriate Attire. Uploading content or streaming yourself, co-hosts, or guests wearing attire that violates our Nudity and Attire Policy.”

DanDangler Twitch ban

Twitch Message_Dan Dangler

In the replies to the tweet revealing why she had been banned, TheDanDangler called out the platform for “double standards,” using popular hot-tub streamers like Amouranth in a bikini as examples of why she believes her ban was unfair.

She’s also made it clear that she doesn’t want any of the creators in her Twitter thread to get banned, but for Twitch to look into potential discrepancies.

Dangler said: “Some streamers can do what they want and others can’t. What’s that about?”

Twitch streamer Dan dangler showing bias

While it’s unknown how long TheDanDangler will stay banned from the platform, CommanderRoot has revealed that she is still a Twitch Partner — meaning that it isn’t permanent.

Being that the creator has shown her disgust towards the suspension, it’s possible that she will appeal to have it overturned in due course.

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