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The Island Boys hit back at Bryce Hall over new TikTok beef

Published: 29/Dec/2021 19:37

by Virginia Glaze


Rap duo The Island Boys are hitting out at Bryce Hall after the Sway House star took aim at the artists in a pointed comment over on TikTok.

The Island Boys are getting into beef with a number of social media stars these days following their walkout on the set of Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast earlier this month.

The rappers, who are identical twins, seemed to have a friendly relationship with the Paul brothers prior to this, even penning a song for Jake Paul’s rematch with Tyron Woodley.

Unfortunately, the duo were booed out of the building during this fight, and Jake later claimed he would have “smacked the s**t” out of the pair if he’d been at the IMPAULSIVE recording sesh.


island boys impaulsive
The Island Boys angrily stormed off the set of the IMPAULSIVE podcast due to a question asked by co-host George Jankos.

It seems that yet another beef has been added to the Island Boys’ list of ongoing tiffs, as TikTok star Bryce Hall has entered the fray with a biting social media comment.

Hall made a pointed statement on a TikTok from the Island Boys, referencing their stint on the IMPAULSIVE podcast where the duo famously said: “You know I’m thugging, right?”

“Guys… he’s thuggin, chill out,” Hall wrote.

Bryce Hall responds to Island Boys video comment
TikTok: Bryce Hall, flyysouljah / Instagram: Defnoodles
Bryce Hall poked fun at the Island Boys on TikTok, sparking a beef between the rappers and the social media star.

It seems that the Island Boys didn’t take this comment very well, if their response video is anything to go by.

The duo “explained their resumes,” with one of the rappers claiming that they’d accrued multiple rap sheets as a juvenile and had dropped out of school at 13 — not to mention getting his first tattoo at 12 years old.


“What did Bryce Hall do?” he chuckled after reciting his history.

“Hey listen man, I was in and out, that’s all I gotta say,” the other chimed in.

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@flyysouljahReply to @brycehall ##k18hairflip ##MyPlayoffPicks ##flyysoulja ##redd_4x ##fyp ##islandboys♬ original sound – Flyysoulja

Bryce Hall has since responded to the Island Boys’ video, openly mocking the duo in a TikTok duet.

“I didn’t realize I was messing with the gangstas,” Hall said between laughs. “Stay thuggin’ brotha!”

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@brycehallsorry fam don’t hurt me @flyysouljah♬ original sound – Bryce Hall

There’s no telling how far this beef will end up going, but fans are already waiting in the wings for a possible boxing match announcement between these internet stars.