Twitter upset over Logan Paul ruining Game Boy Colors

Zackerie Fairfax
Logan paul ruins game boy colors with resin

The internet is once again upset with Logan Paul, and this time it’s because of a DIY project involving several Game Boy Colors. The older Paul brother is facing severe backlash on Twitter after “ruining” 15 Game Boys.

Logan Paul and Nintendo fans haven’t always seen eye to eye, and it’s mainly due to his extravagant purchases of vintage collector’s items. More specifically, Logan has received negative attention from Pokemon card collectors.

Earlier this year, the Pokemon trading card community slammed Paul for wearing an incredibly rare card as a necklace to his fight against Mayweather. The trading card community also blames Paul for impacting sale prices on vintage cards. Even when he chooses to spend $3.5 million on cards, the internet has a negative response.

Now, Logan Paul has chosen to upset another community of vintage collectors by ruining 15 Game Boy Colors. Retro gaming enthusiasts have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment in Paul’s latest art project.

Logan Paul ruins 15 Game Boys with resin

Logan Paul recently posted a TikTok where he soaks several Game Boy Colors in resin and then turns them into a tabletop. Many people were impressed by Paul’s ability to create this piece, but there are also plenty of people who aren’t as impressed.

Bob Wulff, a notable retro gamer and YouTuber, was among many to criticize Logan Paul’s DIY project. Many stated that Paul had ruined pieces of history and pointed out that a few of the Game Boys were limited/special editions.

Game Boys tend to sell for around $70 USD on Ebay and Amazon. Yet, they can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on their condition and rarity. But to someone like Logan, who is willing to spend millions of dollars on Pokemon cards, a few thousand dollars for 15 Game Boys might not seem like much.

Regardless, retro collectors on Twitter aren’t upset with Paul buying the Game Boy Colors. Instead, they are upset with how he chose to ruin the Game Boys instead of preserving them.

There are correct ways to display and preserve Game Boy Colors. As shown above, some users even provided Logan Paul with these ideas, albeit a little too late.

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