The Act Man still baffled by YouTube’s “extreme action” over channel strike

an image of the act manYouTube: The Act Man

YouTuber The Act Man is still waiting for YouTube to reveal why his channel was demonetized, following a dispute with fellow creator Quantum TV.

Kelly ‘The Act Man’ Van Achte previously went to YouTube with evidence against creator Quantum TV, purporting that the latter has broken YouTube’s community guidelines.

This back and forth between the two initially started due to a copyright strike invoked by Quantum TV for an Elden Ring video, with The Act Man seeking to claim that the footage he had used was within fair use guidelines. Following a series of satirical tweets levied at YouTube, the YouTuber was soon demonetized.

Two months after Dexerto’s interview with the YouTuber, he is still unsure as to why YouTube took away his demonetization privileges.

The Act Man “doesn’t understand” why YouTube demonetized his channel

In a YouTube video captioned ‘So My Channel Was Demonetized… Here is The Aftermath’, The Act Man explained to his audience what had happened behind the scenes to his channel.

Despite gaining the ability to monetize his videos again on July 13, 2022 – the YouTube still has received any semblance of clarification from YouTube. He explained that “given my history of not being a problem, again its all the more puzzling why the most extreme action was been taken against me.”

(The Act Man discusses the topic at 9:30)

“I mean besides just outright deleting my channel, demonetizing it is the second most extreme action you could have taken, I still don’t understand it.”

Moreover, the YouTube claimed “what scares is me I still don’t know the exact reason why my channel was demonetized or why ‘The Dark Age of YouTube’ video was taken down and given a strike.”

“I still have no idea, I can only speculate,” continued The Act Man. ‘The Dark Age of YouTube’ is a video that saw the YouTuber, alongside other creators, speak against Quantum TV’s behaviour.

It still remains removed from The Act Man’s channel, though others have sought out to reupload it.