Sykkuno thinks Amazon doesn’t “back” Twitch as streamers move to YouTube

Lawrence Scotti

Streaming star Sykkuno has questioned how much Amazon “backs” its live broadcasting platform Twitch, as more talent has left the site to sign bumper deals with YouTube.

On May 3, Sykkuno shocked the streaming community when he announced he had signed an exclusive deal with YouTube.

After years of growing his brand on Twitch, he opted to join the Google-owned video site after he called Twitch’s initial offer “garbage.” He joins many other big-name streamers making the switch, most recently LilyPichu and Myth.

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Now, Sykkuno is back again with the disses, this time questioning Twitch’s parent company Amazon, as streamers jet towards greener pastures with YouTube.

Sykkuno-Opens-up-About-Joining-Org (2)Sykkuno now streams exclusively on YouTube.

Sykkuno claims Amazon doesn’t back Twitch

The 31-year-old streamer was live alongside new YouTube streamer Myth and Ludwig on July 12 when the group was discussing their Amazon Prime Day orders.

As Sykkuno rattled off a list of items including an Air Purifier and vacuum, Ludwig interrupted and said, “Damn, you give money to your ex? Kinda weak bro, not gonna lie.”

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Sykkuno was confused, and Ludwig explained that he is indirectly supporting Twitch by giving his money to Amazon. He replied, “Here’s what I’m thinking, right. I don’t think Amazon actually backs Twitch or they would’ve given us better deals, right?”

While Sykkuno played it off as a light-hearted comment, Myth responded, “Sheeeesh. The truth comes out.”

Myth confirmed that Sykkuno wasn’t live at the time he hit out at Amazon and Myth said, “Damn, unhinged Sykkuno, I like that.”

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Sykkuno is typically known as a laid-back streamer, but he’s not scared to speak his mind now and again.

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