Myth explains why he left Twitch for YouTube Gaming

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Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani was once one of the faces of Twitch during Fortnite’s heyday. He’s still a prominent force in streaming — but now in the red colors of YouTube Gaming — with the star explaining why money was the ultimate factor in his platform swap.

After a legacy of streaming on Twitch, popular streamer Myth has committed to streaming exclusively on YouTube.

The jump from Team Purple to Team Red has been a popular one in the gaming space ever since Dr Disrespect was practically exiled to the Google-owned platform. In the years since, big names from TimtheTatman to Ludwig and LilyPichu have changed allegiances.

Myth is the latest in that long chain as YouTube tries to break into the streaming marketplace and there was one big reason why he took the offer — the sheer amount of money.

“So first things first, why did I move over?” Myth said on his debut YouTube stream, getting right to the topic at hand. “We all know the answer to that question: the f**king bag bro!”

When discussing the amount, Myth states “it was an amount that would have been stupid of me to turn down.”

While he won’t disclose the exact amount, and is attempting to stay on the conservative side, it’s evident he’s ecstatic with the number — the man danced with happiness on stream when thinking about the money.

Outside of monetary reasons, Myth states that it was “a choice that made sense on a lot of levels.”

When pondering the move, he asked himself questions about where he is, where he sees himself going, and who he is as a creator. During his discussion with the YouTube team, he confidently stated that they understand his vision, and he understands theirs.

“In general, I just felt like they were a team that was genuinely invested in who I am and what I could bring to the table in terms of content creation and personality.”

What does it ultimately mean for the streamer wars though? Though many big name streamers are making the move, Twitch’s ecosystem will likely remain unphased by their competition — even if it seems concerning.

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