Asmongold baffled by Pokimane’s reason for leaving Twitch after 10 years

Shay Robson

Asmongold is baffled by Pokimane’s reason for leaving Twitch to stream on YouTube after over 10 years on the Amazon-owned platform.

In late January, Twitch star Pokimane shocked the streaming world, announcing that she’d be parting ways with the Amazon-owned platform after 10 years of making herself a home on the site.

The 27-year-old revealed she wouldn’t be renewing her contract with “messy” Twitch, describing several issues she faced with the platform, and announced she’d be taking her business over to YouTube.

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Pokimane explained that the platform isn’t heading in the direction that she’d like it to, and made note of the rise in “manosphere red pill bullsh*t” on Twitch that led to her opting for YouTube. But, Asmongold is baffled by her reasoning.

Asmongold confuses by Pokimane leaving Twitch

In a podcast on January 31, Pokimane divulged and revealed that the rise of manosphere content on Twitch contributed to her decision to leave the platform. However, hitting back, Asmongold appears to be confused by the move, noting that YouTube is way worse for that type of content.

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“Like, how are you going to say this sh*t and then go to YouTube?” he said. “Like are you kidding me? You’re going to go and say this about Twitch and then go to YouTube?”

Asmongold used YouTube Shorts as an example, which he explained contains “way more” of the content Pokimane is against. “How the f**k do you go from Twitch to YouTube and blame Twitch for having red pill stuff, whenever the red pill stuff is primarily on YouTube,” he explained.

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He added: “I don’t know, there’s way more of it, there’s more red pill stuff on YouTube than there is stuff on Twitch.”

Regardless, following Pokimane’s shock move to YouTube, Asmongold stated he believes it was ultimately the right call if she wants to become a much more mainstream content creator.

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