xQc defends Jynxzi over Twitch viewbot accusations after Trainwreck comments

Jacob Hale
Side-by-side images of Jynxzi and xQc in Twitch streams

Twitch star xQc has defended the platform’s new top dog, Jynxzi, after he faced viewbotting accusations following comments made by Kick streamer and co-founder Trainwreck.

Earlier in April, Trainwreck claimed that Twitch has the “number one viewbotted streamer” in the industry, adding that there are “multiple people who are botting massively and making a lot of money from it.”

Train didn’t go as far as to name names, but it naturally set off the entire Twitch community, questioning which top streamer could possibly be viewbotting so heavily.

One name that some people theorized could be the unnamed streamer was Jynxzi, who has enjoyed a wild ride to the top of Twitch as the most-subscribed creator on the platform, but xQc wasn’t having any of it.

“People are saying some sh*t about Jynxzi for no f**king reason,” he said during a Kick stream. “The reason why his stats were odd for the longest time is because he had drops. It’s the most unpredictable for ads and it’s just odd.

“Jynxzi had drops for the longest time and it made his stats either inflated, or weird, whatever, but who the f**k cares? It’s not something he’s coordinating … It doesn’t take away from his success, regardless.”

Jynxzi himself hasn’t yet responded to the viewbotting accusations at the time of writing.