Sykkuno explains why he thinks xQc will win Streamer of the Year

Sykkuno explains why xqc will win streamer of the / YouTube: anthony padilla

Sykkuno revealed why he thinks Twitch star xQc will take home Streamer of the Year at the 2023 Streamer Awards in spite of stiff competition.

The 2023 Streamer Awards are officially open for voting, and both fans and content creators alike are weighing in on the nominees.

This year, a slew of categories are open for such awards as “Best Art Streamer,” “Best Soulslike Streamer,” and more… but the most coveted award of all is “Streamer of the Year.”

This year, the category boasts four nominees: Hasan, Kai Cenat, Jerma, and xQc. All of these broadcasters are strong contenders for the prize, with Kai Cenat currently in the midst of a month-long subathon and xQc reigning as one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch.

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However, fellow content creator Sykkuno believes that, out of all four nominees, xQc has the best chance of winning — and he had a humorous reason why he believes this is the case.

Sykkuno thinks xQc will take home 2023 Streamer of the Year

During a YouTube stream on February 20, Sykkuno claimed that xQc is most likely to take home Streamer of the Year due to his penchant for not showing up to events and still getting invited back a second time.

“I feel like x probably would get the vote, and here’s why. You know he’s the Streamer of the Year, and you know he’s probably the biggest deal in streaming, ’cause of the amount of times he gets invited to an event, straight up doesn’t show up, and then gets invited again, anyway.”

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“Normally, if you say you’re going to an event and don’t show up, you’re never getting invited again. But I guess you can tell he’s such an important streamer that he can literally not show up to an event repeatedly, and still get invited next time.”

As part of his argument, Sykkuno mentioned the time xQc had double-booked the premiere of his ‘Juiced’ game show with Ludwig on the same day as Twitch Rivals, leading to him nearly missing the event altogether.

xQc has notoriously passed up on big events that he was slated to appear at in the past, most notably Shitcamp 2022, which prompted a slew of back-and-forth arguments among the streamers involved.

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Voting for the 2023 Streamer Awards ends on March 4, with the show going live on March 11. Until then, there’s no way to tell for certain if Sykkuno’s theory will hold water (or to know if xQc will actually show up to the Awards, at all).