QTCinderella’s Streamer Awards 2024: Winners, nominees, how to watch & more

Eleni Thomas
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QTCinderella’s Stream Awards are back for 2024, so here is everything you need to know about when the show kicks off, how to vote early, and more.

In 2022, influencer QTCinderella announced that she would be hosting her first-ever Streamer Awards. The show was built to recognize excellence in the streaming world across a variety of specific and niche categories.

After a successful first two outings, the show’s third annual broadcast didn’t disappoint. The world’s biggest streamers came together to celebrate the medium and its biggest creators.

“The Streamer Awards is an annual awards show that celebrates achievements in the live-streaming industry over the past year,” the official site reads. “As the first-ever streamer-oriented awards show, we aim to recognize the best that live streaming platforms have to offer, as they continue to grow in popularity and change how people consume entertainment.”

With QT back to host the show alongside surprise guest Pokiman, the hype was real for this show. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the Streamer Awards for 2024 including who hosted it, the categories, nominees, and who won it all.


How to watch the Streamer Awards 2024

For those who missed out on the Streamer Awards 2024’s live stream, you can still watch the VoD that’s been uploaded to QTCinderella’s YouTube channel.

It’s a staggering 3 and a half hours long, but, fortunately, the video’s got chapters if you’re looking to catch a specific part of the show.

However, if you just want to see who won what, we’ve got you covered.

Full list of Streamer Awards 2024 categories, nominees & winners

For the 2024 edition of the Streamer Awards, the show included 28 categories, as well as two awards given specifically to two select streamers. The full list of the categories and nominees can be seen below:

Best creative arts streamer

  • Rubberross (WINNER)
  • Onigiri
  • Ariathome
  • Triciaisabirdy

Best MMORPG streamer

  • Sodapoppin (WINNER)
  • Asmongold
  • Maximum
  • EsfandTV

Best strategy game streamer

  • K3soju
  • Emilyywang
  • DisguisedToast (WINNER)
  • BoxBox

Best chess streamer

  • Gothamchess
  • Botezlive
  • Loltyler1 (WINNER)
  • Annacramling

Best software and game development streamer

  • DougDoug
  • Vedal987
  • CodeMiko
  • PirateSoftware (WINNER)

Best fighting games streamer

  • Etoiles (WINNER)
  • Hungrybox
  • Maximillian_DOOD
  • Sajam

Best speedrun streamer

  • Liam
  • Distortion2
  • Wirtual (WINNER)
  • Squeex

Hidden gem

  • Lanaaamaee
  • Everythingnowshow (WINNER)
  • Seandablack
  • Gappyv

Best battle royale streamer

  • SypherPK
  • Nicewigg
  • iiTzTimmy (WINNER)
  • AsianJeff

Best FPS streamer

  • S0MCS
  • TenZ
  • tarik (WINNER)
  • SuperTF

Rising star award

  • Noraexplorer (WINNER)
  • Hansumfella
  • Mari
  • Chiblee

Best roleplay streamer

  • Lord_Kebun
  • Fanum (WINNER)
  • Agent00
  • Omie

Best Minecraft streamer

  • Foolish_Gamers
  • Tubbo
  • TinaKitten
  • Quackity (WINNER)

Best IRL streamer

  • Extra Emily
  • JinnyTTY (WINNER)
  • Robcdee
  • Papesean

Stream game of the year

  • Lethal Company (WINNER)
  • Only Up!
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • GTA V

Best shared channel

  • RDCGaming
  • Alveussanctuary
  • Botezlive

Best content organization

  • OfflineTV
  • VShojo
  • OTK Network

Best streamed series

  • Generation Loss: The Social Experiments – Ranboolive
  • Name Your Price – AustinShow (WINNER)
  • Schooled – Mizkif
  • Ordem Paranormal: Quarentena – Cellbit

Best streamed event

  • Creator Dodgeball World Championship – Ludwig (WINNER)
  • Wild West – NMPLOL
  • The CDawgVA Charity Auction – CDawgVA
  • 7 Days In – Kai Cenat

Best international streamer

  • Cellbit
  • Quackity (WINNER)
  • Rivers_GG
  • Etoiles

Best breakthrough streamer

  • Caseoh_
  • Jynxzi (WINNER)
  • Squeex
  • Plaqueboymax

Best VTuber

  • IronMouse (WINNER)
  • Shxtou
  • Filian
  • Vedal987

Best Just Chatting Streamer

  • PayMoneyWubby
  • Kai Cenat (WINNER)
  • WillNeff
  • Hasanabi
  • Yourrage

Best variety streamer

  • Caseoh_ (WINNER)
  • Fuslie
  • xQc
  • Ludwig
  • CDawgVA

The Sapphire Award

  • Emiru
  • LydiaViolet
  • Fanfan
  • Valkyrae (WINNER)
  • Extra Emily

League of their own

  • Extra Emily (WINNER)
  • Hitch
  • BigBossBoze
  • Cardboard_Cowboy

Gamer of the year

  • Tarik
  • Clix
  • shroud
  • Kyedae
  • Jynxzi (WINNER)

Streamer of the year

  • Kai Cenat (WINNER)
  • IronMouse
  • Quackity
  • Jynxzi
  • Caseoh_

Streamer’s Choice Award

  • Liam (WINNER)

Legacy Award

  • Maximilian_DOOD (WINNER)

2024 Streamer Awards Hosts

This year, another lineup of top-tier broadcasters brought their A-Game to the Streamer Awards’ Red Carpet and the main stage.

CDawgVA, WillNeff, and Extra Emily hosted the Red Carpet, while Austin Show acted as floor host for the evening.

Pokimane was QT’s co-host. Last year, Pokimane notably presented the award for Streamer of the Year, which ended up being taken by Kai Cenat. Valkyrae was last year’s Streamer Awards co-host.

And there you have it folks! Everything you need to know about QTCinderella’s Streamer Awards for 2024.

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