Is Sykkuno leaving Twitch? Streamer sparks YouTube rumors after emotional stream

Emma Hill
Sykkuno getting emotional while streaming

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Sykkuno said an emotional thank you to his fans and friends during his ‘National Sykkuno Day’ stream. However, many are now wondering whether he could be leaving Twitch in favor of YouTube.

As one of the beloved members of the ‘Amigops,’ Sykkuno has developed a loyal fanbase throughout his career, many of whom sent out their heartfelt messages to the streamer during ‘National Sykkuno Day’ on May 1.

Understandably, Sykkuno became teary-eyed by the end of his stream and issued an emotional “thank you” to everyone who had supported him.

However, some of his comments left viewers speculating as to whether there was another reason why the 30-year-old was so emotional by the end of his stream. Several fans even wondered if it could be due to the streamer potentially leaving Twitch and moving to YouTube.

Sykkuno fans have speculated whether or not his latest stream could have been his last one on Twitch.

Sykkuno gets emotional during stream

Sykkuno’s livestream had proven to be particularly emotional as fans on his chat sent out their good wishes thanking him for the impact that he’s had on their lives. He was also left teary-eyed after his friends, including Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, and Fuslie left a series of heart-warming messages for him in a game of Minecraft.

“Thanks a bunch to my friends for making my stream great and for making me want to stream even more, actually,” Sykkuno said. Addressing his fans, he sent his gratitude to fans for coming to his channel again and for “making streaming fun” for him.

It’s understandable that the gesture, as well as the abundance of kind messages in his chat, left Sykkuno emotional. Yet, fans wondered if there could be something more to his reaction, with some even claiming that he could have been making his goodbyes to Twitch during his stream.

Fans debate whether Sykkuno is leaving Twitch for YouTube

As the clip surfaced on Reddit, fans questioned whether Sykkuno could be retiring from streaming altogether. However, several others claimed it was because he was “obviously” moving to YouTube. One of the reasons due to Twitch’s rumored upcoming exclusivity and split revenue changes which he heavily criticized.

“For everyone saying his friends are crying it’s probably a ‘look how far he’s come’ cry,” one fan claimed. “I think it’s him moving to [YouTube] because he made it clear that he was neither sick nor was quitting streaming.”

One Reddit user claimed that it could be due to Sykkuno relocating: “I mean didn’t he recently say he’s moving back to Vegas? It’s probably his last stream in LA, maybe a platform change is coming too.”

Sykkuno hasn’t responded to the claims, as of writing. However, given the backlash against the rumored monetization changes coming to Twitch, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to some if he decided to make a change.

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