QTCinderella says she spends $30K a year to have sexualized posts of her deleted


Twitch streamer QTCinderella has revealed that she spends over $2,000 every month to have inappropriate photos of her removed from websites such as Tumblr.

Being a streamer on the internet can definitely have some challenges, but there are some issues exclusive to females that they face on a daily basis.

QTCinderella is no stranger to calling out sexual content on the site, having taken issue with the hot tub meta that has dominated Twitch for the past year.

As it turns out, despite not creating content that is considered sexual by her standards, some viewers have still taken her innocent material, morphed it, and posted it on other sites, such as Tumblr.

QTCinderella in hot tub twitch streamTwitch/QTCinderella
QTCinderella has mocked hot tub streams in the past.

The cost to take that material off those sites comes at a stiff price. If you think your monthly Netflix subscription is too much, get a load of this.

“I literally pay $2,500 a month. A month, chat!” she exclaimed. “I don’t even make that in ads!”

According to QTCinderella, she pays that much to get photos of her removed from certain sites. The crazy part of this is that the content isn’t provocative in the slightest to even begin with.

“These guys will take screenshots of me bending over and be like ‘oh my God, I’m gonna c*m,’” she mocked. “Like, I was just getting cookies out of the oven! Why are you like that?!”

The streamer, who has been in a bit of a crusade of sorts against sexual content on Twitch, ended her explosion of anger by making one final point.

“If someone doesn’t wanna be sexualized, why do you have to sexualize her? Like why?!” she rhetorically asked.

Indiefoxx pool stream in a bikiniTwitch/Indiefoxx
Hot tub streams have taken Twitch by storm.

This revelation comes at a time where uber popular streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa had her channel completely demonetized by Twitch after being deemed “not advertiser-friendly.”

2021 has been a wild year for Amazon-owned platform with the hot tub meta and how it deals with the rise of provocative material on the site. Given these new details, it’s clear why QTCinderella believes the site would be better with that content removed fully so viewers have better expectations for streamers.