Amouranth warns hot tub streamers as Twitch suspends advertising on her channel

Michael Gwilliam
Amouranth streaming on Twitch

Popular streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is warning her fellow content creators after revealing that Twitch completely suspended advertising on her channel.

The news comes as the hot tub ‘meta’ continues to dominate headlines across the globe, with many female streamers using their platform to splash around in pools while wearing bikinis.

While Twitch themselves said they were “monitoring” the situation closely, the drama seems to have finally caught up with them, resulting in the site taking action.

On May 18, the Twitch star took to Twitter to reveal that a day prior, without any warning, the Amazon-owned site indefinitely suspended advertising on her channel.

However, in a bizarre twist, Amouranth claims that the site never informed her and she has to be the one to bring it up after contacting them.

“Twitch didn’t reach out in any way whatsoever. I had to initiate the conversation after noticing, without any prior warning, all the ads revenue had disappeared from my Channel Analytics,” she explained.

Siragusa went on to warn fellow streamers that they too could suffer a similar fate. “This is an ALARMING precedent and serves as a stark warning that although content may not ostensibly break community guidelines or Terms of service, Twitch has complete discretion to target individual channels.”

According to the streamer, the fact that channels can be fully demonetized for being deemed “not advertiser-friendly” isn’t something she was prepared for.

“This leaves open-ended the question of where the line is drawn. Many people complain about ToS being “unclear” but at least there’s something to go by,” she noted. “There is no known policy for what results in a streamer being put on this blacklist.”

Furthermore, Amouranth says it’s unclear whether or when her account can be reinstated.

So far, Twitch has yet to comment on the issue and it’s unclear if other streamers have also been affected. Prominent streamer and creator of the hot tub ‘meta’, xoAeriel, told Dexerto that her channel has not been demonetized yet.

Dexerto has reached out to Twitch and Amouranth for comment.

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