QTCindrella hits back at ‘scam’ accusations after launching Twitch re-run channel

Virginia Glaze

QTCinderella is hitting back at accusations of “scamming” Twitch by launching a channel specifically to re-run her YouTube videos to raise money for the Streamer Awards.

QTCinderella is a prominent Twitch streamer and founder of the Streamer Awards, an award show that recognizes the best and brightest in the online entertainment space.

The show has grown in both size and spectacle over the years and is set to kick off again in just a week’s time on February 17.

However, this year’s Streamer Awards is being completely funded by QTCinderella — and she launched a second Twitch channel for ad revenue to help with costs.

QTCinderella and Valkyrae hosting The Streamer Awards

QTCinderella’s new Twitch channel faces “scam” accusations

On February 9, QT announced in a Twitter/X post that she launched a new Twitch channel called ‘QT Events,’ which re-runs her old YouTube videos to help “farm ad revenue.”

“I don’t have enough sponsors to help pay for the show this year, so if you like the show and want it to exist, come hang out,” she wrote.


However, not everyone was a fan of this move. One viewer called out QT in a scathing post, claiming she was “scamming” Twitch with her new channel.

“How in the world is this moron openly trying to scam Twitch with her stream description?” they wrote, tagging the streaming platform. “She’s already rich, what is the possible upside here?”


The channel’s description, which was attached to their post, reads: “This channel is used to stream QTCinderella’s YouTube videos to help fund events via ad revenue. If you leave the stream open in another tab, it will still count you towards ad runs, but please make sure to only mute the tab and not the stream.”

QT replied to the post in a now-deleted tweet, where she explained her reasons for opening the second channel and her directions in its description.

“I’m explicitly trying to pay for a massive show that I put on myself,” she wrote. “It’s for the community, so if the community wants to watch some ads to help pay for it, so be it. Currently, I stand to lose a lot of money on the show, so this is me selling myself and my content to help pay for it.”


She went on to agree that the channel description was “aggressive,” but clarified that ‘muting the tab’ is a meme in the community and would have it edited.

It doesn’t look like many fans are on the person’s side who called her out, with many netizens slamming him in replies to his divisive post.

“What are you, the ad revenue police?” one user responded.

“It costs a ton of money to host and run an event. QT takes so much time and effort to try and create spaces for streamers to have a tighter irl community. This shows you don’t understand running events,” another argued.

Despite the backlash, it looks like QT’s critic is sticking to their guns based on their latest tweets. Luckily, fans have QT’s back as she prepares for one of the biggest streaming events of the year.