xQc slams Twitch for allowing nudity while keeping gambling banned

Michael Gwilliam
xqc streaming on kick with christmas tree

Kick streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was baffled by Twitch’s decision to allow “artistic nudity” and called out the platform for having double standards when it comes to kids’ safety.

Streaming platform Twitch shocked the internet on Wednesday by revealing several big community guideline changes regarding sexual content in the wake of a new “topless” meta.

In December, more and more streamers began broadcasting while “topless” but cropping the video so as to not break the site’s TOS. Despite Twitch originally banning those creators, the site abruptly changed course and decided to allow certain types of nudity, when under the proper label.

This move came just over a year after the site decided to ban gambling to ‘protect viewers,’ something which xQc was quick to point to, accusing the streaming platform of hypocrisy.

xQc says Twitch “doesn’t care” about kids for allowing sexual content

Speaking with his chat about Twitch’s recent decision and how he doesn’t understand how gambling is banned while sexual content is becoming more lenient.

“You’re not going to gaslight everybody with ‘protect the children’ when you ban gambling on Twitch,” he said.

Lengyel then took aim at how multiple streamers, such as Pokimane, opposed gambling on the site while remaining silent on the rise of sexual content and the “topless” meta.

“The whole world rallied together, made a big picket fence line and was like ‘protect the children, please!’ And then their platform enables pole dancing, twerking, d*cks out, and drawings of actual [sexual content]. What about the children now? Where they at now?” he blasted.

According to xQc, the streamers who wanted gambling banned don’t care about children and were actually jealous that he and other creators were making bank with gambling content.

“Holy f**k! How hard is that to understand?!” Lengyel exclaimed.

Not everyone shares the same take as xQc, however. Twitch star Asmongold applauded the change as a big W, claiming the site has “never been a safe space for underage people.”

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