QTCinderella banned on Twitch for just 41 minutes over resurfaced Omegle stream

Josh Taylor
QtCinderella streaming on Twitch

QTCinderella was banned by Twitch after launching her own re-run channel on the platform over streaming prohibited Omegle clips live to her viewers.

Popular Twitch streamer and founder of the Streamer Awards, QTCinderella, launched her second streaming channel ‘QT Events’ on February 9, 2024.

The idea behind the channel was that in broadcasting her old YouTube videos live to Twitch, she would be able to “farm ad revenue,” in order to “help pay for the show this year,” in regards to the upcoming awards.

However, QT Events has not gone off to a flying start. QTCinderella has hit back at “Scam” accusations over re-using content and now the streamer was even banned by Twitch for using it to stream Omegle.

QTCinderella banned on Twitch over resurfaced Omegle stream

StreamerBans announced on Twitter/X that QTCinderella had been banned from Twitch on February 10, 2024. To which the streaming community were left shocked and began to speculate.

“NOOOOO WHAT THE F*CK,” one said, as another added: “she would be the last person I would have thought to be banned.”

Her partner Ludwig soon confirmed that “she got banned for showing an Omegle clip on her 24/7 channel (Omegle is banned on Twitch now).” QT further revealed the official reasoning behind the ban that Twitch provided, which was for “displaying third-party services containing violative content.”

However, according to StreamerBans the creator was unbanned just 41 minutes and 52 seconds later, as QTCinderella stated she was the “fastest speedrunner in the west.”

Despite all the issues, she has not confirmed if she will continue to stream her re-run channel QT Events. But, if she does, QTCinderella will most likely review the content more carefully that she is re-broadcasting to avoid any further Twitch bans from going against the platform’s ToS.