QTCinderella mocks Twitch hot tub streams with hilarious “wardrobe malfunction”

Michael Gwilliam
QTCinderella in hot tub twitch stream

A month after claiming the Twitch hot tub meta is contributing to sexism on the site, QTCinderella decided to host her own hot tub stream – but with a mocking twist.

Twitch’s hot tub meta has proven to be quite controversial, with many of the platform’s top streamers partaking in the trend, including Indiefoxx, Amouranth, xoAeriel and ImJasmine, to just name a few.

With no sign of the trend stopping anytime soon and with summer fast approaching, QTCinderella decided to hop on board with her own version of the phenomenon (played up for laughs, of course).

Dressed fully in snorkeling attire, QTCinderella’s take on hot tub clothing was a far cry from what others on the platform wear for their own pool streams. That didn’t stop her from still poking fun at bannable offenses on Twitch, either.

As part of her “armor” fell from her suit, the streamer acted shocked as if she had just radically exposed herself and flashed her viewers.

“What the heck? Oh my God, a nip slip!” she cried. “That’s so embarrassing. You guys didn’t tell me? You guys are totally just taking advantage of me. Oh my God, stop!”

This seemed like the streamer was poking fun at Kiaraakitty, who suffered a ban on Twitch following a wardrobe malfunction during a jacuzzi broadcast back in March.

Kiaraakitty in hot tub
QTCinderella poked fun of hot tub streamers such as Kiaraakitty

It could also be a direct reference to Indiefoxx, who was also banned for inappropriate content and attire for past hot tub streams.

In any case, QTCinderella was quite entertained with her joke as she burst out laughing shortly thereafter, clearly pleased with herself.

“Okay, I got to go put on my next cute outfit!” she further joked, referencing how streamers often go and change clothes in the middle of streams.

A bit later on in the broadcast, this time in a sailor uniform, QTCinderella pretended to be drunk and rambled on about “what us women have to deal with.”

“Number one, being too hot. Like, actually being too hot. Getting too many free things. And like, let me tell you about these girls that want to work!” she continued. “Here we are. We’re looking for a rich husband. Cause you know what I need to do in the morning? Pilates.”

“So this is my toast to sexism!” she cheered hoisting the bottle in the air.

qtcinderella in hot tub
QTCinderella’s “hot tub” stream was a big success.

Of course, this isn’t the first broadcast to mock hot tub streamers. Notably, JakeNBake did so previously following his short ban from the site, but it’s safe to say that no one has quite dished it out as much as QTCinderella.

With summer on the way, it’s wild to think about what the future holds for this new meta on Twitch and how long the trend will last.