Pokimane slams users claiming Adin Ross faked live Twitch swatting

Pokimane streaming on TwitchTwitch: Pokimane

Pokimane slammed users claiming Adin Ross faked getting swatted during his recent Twitch stream, questioning why they would even think that.

During his live stream on November 9, 2022, Adin Ross was swatted in front of over 200,000 viewers before Twitch banned his account as per guidelines due to him losing control of his stream due to police action.

Unlike past swatting incidents where police enter the building, Adin received a phone call from the police to inform him of their presence — prompting many to believe it was fake and staged.

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As it was happening, Pokimane reacted to the incident and slammed those who made claims that he would fake such a thing.

Pokimane slams viewers claiming Adin Ross faked swatting incident

After tuning into Adin’s stream as the swatting incident took place, she shared her thoughts about it as well as Adin’s comments about the alleged perpetrator.

Adin said that the alleged perpetrator’s parents raised a “stupid, snotty, little sh*t,” to which Poki replied with the thought that his parents probably didn’t raise him at all.

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Seconds later, she began noticing viewers claiming Adin faked the swatting. She said: “Why are people saying he’s faking it? Why would anyone wanna fake a swat? Oh, that’s scary.”

Just minutes later, Adin and his friend were told to leave his apartment so the Las Vegas Police Department could search to make sure the call that caused them to arrive was, in fact, a hoax.

While many are left wondering why his incident was initiated by a phone call from the police department, it’s completely possible that Adin communicated that he was at high risk of being swatted and gave them his phone number after his incident last August.

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That doesn’t mean the police just wouldn’t have to respond, however, as they still need to make sure the coast is clear — just like what happened on Adin’s stream.