Passengers brawl in viral airport baggage claim beatdown

Michael Gwilliam
massive airport brawl at baggage claim

Passengers got into a massive brawl at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago with multiple people being punched in the face.

No one likes being at the airport. It’s like being in purgatory before you arrive at your dream vacation spot or coming home from a long trip. Even worse is the baggage claim area where you’re stuck waiting for your items.

Over the years we’ve seen countless viral fights at gas stations and Waffle Houses, but you’d normally not expect to see an all-out brawl at an airport of all things. That is, until now.

In a series of viral videos exploding on social media, a huge melee broke out after a woman in a black hood appeared to put her hands on a man, leading him to strike back and the whole baggage claim area becoming a WWE Royal Rumble.

Massive brawl breaks out at airport baggage claim

After the man and a woman on his side attacked the woman back, all sorts of people got involved with punches being thrown every which way and numerous tackles happening, sending the war to the ground.

When a guy in white threw a sucker punch to the back of the head of another fighter, two men stepped in to try to restrain him, but they quickly ended up resorting to joining the fray too.

At this point, everybody was kung-fu fighting with seemingly everyone in the area having at least one dance partner, except for one of the men filming, a guy named Peyton.

“This is the fight that happened at O’Hare International Airport last night after the Spirit flight landed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the ending, as my mom was yelling at me to get out of there, but I did get to see how it all started!” they captioned the clip.

Another angle captured the moment the two “peacemakers” got involved and more of the brawl afterward with one of the original fighters even using a tripod as a weapon before being knocked to the ground and pulverized.

Eventually, even at the end of the video, when it seemed the dust had settled at last, a few more punches were thrown, but sadly, it’s not known how this ridiculous melee ended.

According to the New York Post, 18-year-old Christopher Hampton and 20-year-old Tembra Hicks were arrested following the brouhaha and charged with one misdemeanor count of battery.

It’s unknown if anyone was seriously injured considering the number of thunderous haymakers thrown, but this was definitely one of the most insane fights we’ve seen yet.