Girls smash man with chair and pistol whip him for attacking them in restaurant brawl

man fights multiple women in fight videoTwitter/FightHaven

A group of women were filmed demolishing a man after he attacked one of them inside of a restaurant.

We’ve seen plenty of restaurant brawls over the years. From the viral Waffle House Avenger melee to a McDonald’s beatdown featuring a raccoon – there’s no shortage of crazy fight clips.

Despite how frequent restaurant battles are, they still somehow manage to keep getting crazier and this latest video is the latest example of a brawl getting completely out of hand.

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In a video uploaded on February 27 by Fight Haven, a man was caught getting physical with a woman and brutally attacking her before others stepped in to retaliate in a big way.

Man gets pistol-whipped by women after attacking one of them

As the man kept unloading on one girl and then turned his attention to another for swinging on him, everyone else in the restaurant worked together to take him down.

Almost as if the restaurant was a hardcore WWE match, one girl smashed the man with a chair to the back as others tried to restrain him.

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Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of the women pulled out a gun and began pistol-whipping the man with it multiple times while the others slowly chipped away at his health bar with punches.

Eventually, some of the girls began to leave the restaurant despite the battle continuing in the corner by some tables and booth seats.

Sadly, the video ends right there, so we don’t know how it ended or if anyone ended up getting arrested. It’s also not known where the video took place or when the fight happened, but it’s definitely one of the most insane fights we’ve seen.

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Similarly, a man dubbed the ‘Real-life Undertaker’ went viral earlier this year after he survived a 1-vs-7 gas station brawl.

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