European Smash pro jumps out of car after getting kidnapped outside US airport

smash pro frenzy jumps out of car after being kidnappedTwitter/FrenzySSBM/Pixabay/Nintendo

Super Smash Bros Melee pro Elliot ‘Frenzy’ Grossman was injured after jumping out of a taxi trying to kidnap him at San Francisco International Airport.

Many Smash players are gathering for Genesis 9, a super major in San Jose, but European Falco star Frenzy almost didn’t even make it after a scary encounter at the airport.

Traveling to another continent for a big tournament is a regular part of being a Smash pro, Frenzy’s trip to the United States couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start after he was nearly kidnapped.

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In a series of posts that alarmed the Smash scene, Frenzy detailed how he was forced to jump out of a moving car as police chased down the vehicle he was in.

Police chase kidnappers after Smash pro tricked by illegal taxi

According to Frenzy, he was tricked into getting into an illegal taxi coming out of SFO and was nearly kidnapped in the process.

“Jumped out of the car after seeing the police chase after the vehicle and very luckily only bruised and scraped my hand and back,” he revealed.

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Grossman went on to add that he was fortunate that the police were on the car’s trail and that it wasn’t moving so fast. Otherwise, he may have been hit by another vehicle and been seriously hurt or even dead.

The European Smash sensation was taken to a hospital but noted that he had no idea how the situation was going to work in the country and was worried he would have to pay an outlandish fee.

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“I’ve no idea how healthcare works here so I’m a bit scared that I’m gonna be charged some ridiculous amount,” he added. “It sounds like because I’m the victim of a crime I can get the guy to pay but I have no idea.”

In the end, however, fellow player Contra was able to pick him up and take him to his hotel, but it’s unclear if he’ll be well enough to compete at Genesis 9.

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This isn’t the first time a non-American Smash player has had a rough time in the United States. Canadian Ultimate star ‘Riddles’ had his passport stolen and money stolen. In another instance, Mexican G&W main ‘Maister’ was denied entry to an event by “racist” casino security.

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