Woman arrested in viral freakout on Spirit Airlines flight

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A woman is going viral after getting arrested on a Spirit Airlines flight in a freakout that’s taking social media by storm.

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight were left stunned after a woman began shouting in an episode that’s going viral on TikTok.

In a video posted on March 23, the woman can be seen getting cuffed by a trio of police officers as she yells to a plane full of stunned onlookers.

“Let this go!” she shouts “Can I do that with freedom? All I care about is freedom.”

“You’re under arrest,” one of the officers informs her.

“That’s fine!” she answers. “I’ve been there before. I’m not scared. I’ve f*cking been there before! These **** are hurting my elbow! He’s hurting my wrist. You’re hurting me, Sheriff.”

After this, the woman began screaming and appeared to lunge toward the officers, who pushed her back down into her seat on the plane.

The TikToker uploaded two more videos of the incident, one of which showed the woman saying her ankle hurt because her nephew ‘crossed her over’ in a game of basketball and called another passenger a “fat b*tch.”

In a final video of the altercation, passengers claim that they saw the woman hit one of the officers. “This is ridiculous,” one flier can be heard saying.

“I don’t wanna go to jail, fatso,” the woman said to an officer before the clip cuts off.

The TikTok user who uploaded the saga claimed all the passengers had to deplane so law enforcement could arrest her. Thus far, no further information has been provided about the ordeal — but commenters are expressing both disbelief and compassion for the woman, who some believe was suffering from a possible mental health crisis.

“This is actually really sad,” one viewer wrote.

“People laughing and filming when another human is having a mental health crisis,” another remarked. “This isn’t funny, it’s sad.”

This isn’t the first in-flight meltdown that’s taken social media by storm. In 2023, a woman went viral after claiming that one of her fellow passengers “wasn’t real” in a moment that took over the internet for weeks.

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