Gas station shootout goes viral as viewers compare it to John Wick & GTA

viral gas station shootout looks like gta and john wickTwitter/Human101Nature

An over-the-top gas station shootout is taking over the internet due to its comparisons to John Wick 4, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

This year we’ve seen countless viral fights on planes, in restaurants and in the stands at hockey games, but this shootout may be the most ridiculous clip yet.

In a video uploaded to the Human Nature Twitter channel, a group of men engaged in a dangerous shooting spree with handguns as they dove behind cover and even got hit by vehicles.

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The footage is so intense that it’s gone viral and has been viewed over 2.5 million times so far since being posted on March 21.

Gas station shootout compared to real-life John Wick

The video begins with a man in a blue mask walking around the gas station when someone off in the distance opens fire, resulting to others in the area exchanging shots.

The man blue then took out his own gun and fired before ducking behind a car as others join in on the action with their own weapons drawn.

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Eventually, the groups retreated into black and white cars, but as they did, another man came running up, not wanting to be left behind, and called for the black car to let him in.

As he did, however, the white car sped up and slammed into him hard. Unfortunately, that’s where the video ended, but fans were going wild over the crazy on-screen action.

“John Wick 4 looking mid af,” one user joked.

“Why they ran over their buddy like that? Boi been playin’ too much GTA,” said another.

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gas station shootoutTwitter/Human101Nature
Shots were fired at the gas station.

“It’s like playing CoD in real life,” remarked someone else.

According to Human Nature, the shootout took place at an Atlanta gas station, but there’s no indication of when the video was filmed or if any of the men involved are facing legal consequences.

In any case, for those not wanting to go to the cinema for John Wick 4, this clip will have to suffice for the time being.

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