Rival summer camps fight each other in viral beach brawl battle royale

rival summer camps fight at beachTwitter/FightHaven

Two groups of males pounded the living daylights out of each other in a chaotic and bloody beach brawl that’s going viral.

We’ve seen plenty of viral melees in 2023 so far from Taco Bell battles to airplane passengers engaging in fights on flights, but this beach brawl may be one of the greatest rumbles yet.

In a video going viral on Twitter, two supposed camping groups met up by a lake and settled their differences in the most primal way imaginable: with their fists.

It’s not clear what started the feud or why the two groups resorted to violence, but the video has been viewed over 500,000 times since being uploaded and it’s one for the ages.

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Bloody beach brawl goes viral with over 15 people fighting

The video began with the two groups approaching each other with some members seemingly trying to de-escalate the situation, but it didn’t take long for one side to score first blood.

Within mere moments, everyone seemed to have a dance partner and multiple fights broke out all at the same time.

As the battle raged, fighters changed opponents with one man in black swim trunks dropping adversaries like flies with massive haymakers.

Although the scrap only lasted about twenty seconds as a woman in the background screamed “stop,” severe damage had been done as the sides regrouped.

The left side stood battered but ready for round two while the others were bloody and had to check for missing teeth.

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Unfortunately, that’s where the video ends, so we don’t know what happened after this, so ultimately you could say there are still more questions than answers.

Fight Haven, the uploader of the video, didn’t state when the video was filmed or where the battle took place but captioned the clip “Rival summer camps engage in Civil War.”

Of course, with it being a supposed summer camp, it’s likely that it was filmed a while ago and has only recently emerged. In any case, as far as rumbles go, this scrap definitely a wild one.