Christmas brawl at Waffle House goes viral after customers attack employees

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A Waffle House melee involving both customers and staff is going viral after footage of the chaotic brawl was uploaded online.

Despite its name, the Waffle House isn’t exactly known for its food or coffee menu, but rather for the wild shenanigans that happen inside. Once you’re in, it’s like you’re in the octagon, but Herb Dean isn’t there to call an early stoppage.

Over the years there have been tons of wild restaurant fights caught on film, but a recent Christmas brouhaha is taking over the internet for how insane it was.

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With chairs being tossed, fists flying, and a blonde employee ready to take on Goku, this holiday throwdown makes Diehard look like the Teletubbies reboot on Netflix.

Texas Waffle House melee goes viral as staff fight customers

In the footage uploaded, an employee appeared to ask a group of four women to leave the restaurant, but that seems to have just escalated a volatile situation into a full-blown slobber knocker.

Moments later, the women began rushing to the counter and jumping over it to attack the employees. However, the staff were ready to defend their turf and showed just how important home field advantage really is.

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As patrons began exiting the restaurant, the staff started tossing items at the angry women, including a coffee pot, but they still managed to get behind the counter.

After one woman fell behind, a blonde-haired employee began rocking her with thunderous rights. Eventually, more staff stepped in and tried to defuse the altercation, but that didn’t stop another customer from tossing chairs at the blonde girl.

Despite having a chair literally thrown right at her face, the blonde deflected it and dodged a follow-up chair shot.

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Luckily, it seems like the viral confrontation ended shortly thereafter with those recording urging the girls to cease at the risk of going to jail.

The incident reportedly occurred in Austin, Texas just before the Christmas holidays and it’s unclear if the police have been investigating the showdown.

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