Man fights off fifteen people at once after getting jumped in viral brawl

viral 15-vs-1 fightTwitter/FightHaven

An insane fight video of a man taking on fifteen people in a massive brawl is going viral on social media.

If you ask anyone who has ever been in a street fight, chances are they’ll tell you that it’s never fair to fight two-on-one, yet alone three-on-one.

So, just imagine the craziness of getting jumped by fifteen dudes and still coming out on top.

That’s exactly what happened in a crazy melee that has the internet talking and praising the man for refusing to lay down and take a beating.

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Man takes on fifteen people at once in viral fight

In the video uploaded by FightHaven, a man in a hood was walking ahead of a group when suddenly he was pushed from behind.

Not deterred by the odds against him, he turned around and shoved his adversary right back, resulting in everyone else in the aggressor’s posse getting involved.

What followed was a battle that looked like it was straight from a direct-to-DVD bootleg version of The Raid: Redemption.

The unnamed individual in the white hood fired off lefts and rights on his opponents while dealing with all sorts of attacks coming his way. At one point he even dove at his foe and delivered a Superman punch of all things.

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Eventually, he tackled one of his many opponents to the ground, but the group just piled on top of him, pounding away with countless blows. Still, the one-man army took everything they had and was able to get up just moments later as if he was prime John Cena.

Amazingly, the group ended up backing off, leaving Twitter users in awe at the man’s resiliency.

It’s not clear when this video was from or where it was filmed, but it’s been able to amass over 5.5 million views since being uploaded earlier in March.

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This isn’t the first multi-man brouhaha to go viral recently. Notably, a man dubbed the ‘Real-life Undertaker’ emerged victorious in an 8-v-1 gas station brawl. Perhaps both he and this latest hero should exchange notes.

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