Amouranth, Hasan & Ethan Klein do hot tub stream full of crackers mocking Twitch ban

Hasan/Ethan Klein/Amouranth

Twitch star Amouranth has joined Hasan and Ethan Klein on their Leftovers podcast, and it involved everything from crackers to hot tubs.

On December 13, Hasan was banned from Twitch, supposedly over his use of the word “cracker.”

The ban caused Hasan to change up his schedule for the week, as he joined YouTube’s newest star streamer, Ludwig, in making gingerbread houses on his channel.

Hasan had also planned a hot tub stream with fellow Twitch sensation, Amouranth, who instead joined the star streamer along with podcast co-host, Ethan Klein, in an episode of their show Leftovers which parodied Hasan’s ban from Twitch.

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crackersHasan/Ethan Klein/Amouranth
The group sat in a hot tub, which was filled with Ritz crackers instead of water.

Amouranth joins Leftovers special cracker themed episode

The episode of Leftovers started normally, with Hasan and Ethan both in the usual studio bantering with one another.

The pair then shifted over to the hot tub – which was packed with Ritz crackers and brought in the star of the show, Amouranth, who was a pioneer of Twitch’s original hot tub meta.

As they munched on salty crackers, they played a game of “Cracker Bingo” in an attempt to determine who was the whitest person in the group. The game included categories including everything from liking Wes Anderson films to enjoying mayonnaise.

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Crew member Zach won the game of bingo, and his prize was a delicious plate of unseasoned chicken breast.

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The group had an absolute field day with poking fun at Twitch’s decision to ban Hasan over his use of the word “cracker,” and while Hasan admitted he’s missed streaming, he’s been gifted swathes of new content post-ban.

Speculation is now rife that Hasan might in fact choose to leave Twitch entirely and join the numerous other creators who are now streaming exclusively on YouTube. Hasan was one of three streamers all apparently banned after using the term.