Trainwrecks feuds with Dream & Karl Jacobs Minecraft “stans” after NFT backlash

Dylan Horetski
Trainwrecks looking surprisedTwitch: Trainwrecks

Popular Twitch streamer Trainwrecks slammed fans of Dream and Karl Jacobs after receiving backlash for purchasing an NFT. 

With over 1.6 million followers on Twitch, Trainwrecks is one of the most popular streamers. He has recently soared thanks to his gambling streams that allow him to give away money to his fans as well as playing games like Apex Legends with NICKMERCS.

That’s not all the streamer’s gotten into recently, as he’s officially taken some of his winnings to buy an NFT for well over $250,000. After posting his purchase on Twitter, he was quickly met with backlash from fans of Dream and Karl Jacobs.

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Trainwrecks slammed Minecraft fans

Shortly after posting his NFT purchase on Twitter, one user simply replied “Oh Train.”

After realizing the commenter is a Minecraft fan, Trainwrecks quickly snapped back: “you Minecraft stans are worse than the NFT community with what you obsess your lives over, so I don’t want to hear it from any of y’all”

The conversation didn’t end there after another user replied to his comment stating: “what does a Minecraft stan have to do with destroying the environment and stealing from artists online – let me know please.”

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Their statement appeared to not sit well with Train, as he quickly responded: “I bought a f**king pixel, shut the f**k up for once in your miserable lives. unless you’re vegan & don’t use Twitter, Instagram or twitch don’t highroad me about the environmental costs of a f**king picture.

ay @dreamwastaken @KarlJacobs_ come get your f**k ups of children.”

The streamer didn’t end his statement there, however, as he continued in a reply to his quote tweet: “not to mention, don’t come at me about stealing from artists, I pay the artists I work with double what you & your parents make in a year, so shut your dumba*s up, instead of being activists on Twitter, go outside and DO something to enact change you hypocritical f**king losers”

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The user he quote tweeted wasn’t happy with the creator’s response, and quickly replied. With this level of backlash, perhaps next time Train will refrain from posting his NFT purchases on Twitter.

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