Masterchef winner offers to watch the show with xQc


A previous winner of the Masterchef reality TV show has offered to watch along with xQc as he streams old episodes.

Some of streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s favorite content to watch with chat lately has been old episodes of the Masterchef competitive cooking reality show.

Hosted by Gordon Ramsay, the show has amateur and home chefs face off to determine who’s the “Masterchef” by the end of the season. After xQc watched Season 3, the winner Christine Ha offered to watch some of it with him.

It all started with Ha posting a shot of xQc’s stream on Instagram while he was deep in a Masterchef binge. After getting love from chat, she said to “tell xQc I said hello.”

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Christine won Season 3 of Masterchef, taking home $250,000 and a cookbook deal, and now she wants to watch her winning adventure again with xQc on-stream again.

“Hey xQc, let’s watch Masterchef together,” Ha posted later, offering an opportunity at what could be some very cool content.

Felix, like a lot of people, is a fan of Gordon Ramsay and his cooking-themed reality shows. However, it would be a whole other level of behind-the-scenes to have a contestant give the inside scoop.

Christine could provide valuable insight on what it was like during filming, and what Gordon was like in person. It would be like a director’s cut, but with the winning contestant instead.

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Hopefully, Felix sees this invitation and does invite Ha to join him on stream. Many streamers watch old reality shows for content, but not too many have the chance to watch it with someone who was actually on one.