Ludwig roasts Trainwreck for his “confusing” username

ludwig with trainwreckTwitch: Ludwig, TrainwrecksTV

Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig roasted fellow broadcaster Trainwreck for his “confusing” username choice following a recent outburst from the creator toward an artist. 

Gaining popularity from his month-long Subathon earlier this year, Ludwig has grown to over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more across social media and Twitch. Throughout this surge in followers, he’s created opinion pieces and unique skits, among a variety of other content online.

More recently, the streamer has taken a staunch stance against the currently booming NFT trend that influencers have been participating in. Twitch streamer Trainwreck recently posted his high-dollar NFT purchase on Twitter, which Ludwig proceeded to criticize during a Twitch stream.

However, his purchase wasn’t the only thing Ludwig wasn’t a fan of; in a tweet responding to an artist claiming he ripped them off, Train argued that his name is ‘Trainwreck’ instead of ‘Trainwrecks,’ despite his username including the extra letter.

Ludwig TwitchTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

Ludwig roasts Trainwreck

During his outburst on Twitter, a user quote tweeted Train with claims that he allegedly never paid them for a t-shirt design. Trainwreck quickly clapped back with several points to prove his innocence, while also mentioning that his name doesn’t have the extra letter “s.”

Ludwig explained that he knows the creator prefers the name Trainwreck, even though his username on all platforms is ‘TrainwrecksTV.’

However, he also holds that the name doesn’t make any sense. “TrainwrecksTV wouldn’t imply it’s a television show hosted by Trainwrecks. It should describe the TV in his house,” he said.

“A couple of English degree fails here by Train,” he added. “But everyone has their pros and cons. I’m good at English, he’s good at pulling a slot machine.”

Trainwreck has gained popularity recently for his gambling streams, which have caused some controversy, namely when it affected his ability to play in NICKMERCS’ Apex Legends tournament.

At the time of writing, the creator hasn’t responded to Ludwig’s roast. We’ll have to wait and see if he ever decides to hit back.