Island Boys respond to backlash after storming off Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast

The Island Boys pose for a pictureInstagram: flyysoulja

Influencers the Island Boys have responded to people calling them out for storming off Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast after a confrontation with co-host George Janko.

The Island Boys are twins who have garnered a huge amount of attention on social media throughout 2021. They are known for a video that blew up when they freestyled a song together in a swimming pool, and they even went on to make the viral clip into an actual music video.

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The pair were set to make an appearance on Logan Paul’s popular ‘Impaulsive’ podcast in December, but a video posted by the podcasts’ Instagram account before the episode’s release showed them in a tense confrontation with the hosts.

A day later, the full episode was uploaded to YouTube, showing viewers the lead-up to the twins eventually storming off.

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After host George Janko suggested they could fall back on their expensive jewelry collection if their rap career doesn’t work out, the twins took offense, with one saying: “I don’t need financial advice when I probably make more money than you.”

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This confrontation ultimately led to the Island Boys walking off set.

Island Boys respond to backlash

After they walked off the show, their TikTok comment section was flooded with comments criticizing them for their behavior, and they responded to several of the messages with videos explaining their side.

In response to one commenter who suggested Logan “was gonna fold” them, Flyysoulja responded: “Man, stop. You know for a fact that man won’t fold me. Let’s be positive though, man. On a positive note, it was gonna be a very good podcast but someone had to ruin it by speaking nonsense.”

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When someone wrote that George was just giving the boys some advice, he explained: “This is the problem. Me and you are two different people. If someone’s talking about your financials to you, it’s not a problem for you. But if someone’s talking about my financials, I don’t wanna hear it. You’re not the one that’s making me a million dollars. I made a million dollars myself.”

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“Him, he ain’t never made me no million dollars. He doesn’t have to give me financial advice. Telling me to sell my jewelry that I worked so hard for and I accomplished, I don’t gotta do that. Because I make money so I don’t have to sell nothing. So, he’s wrong.”

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Whether the Island Boys end up filming with the Impaulsive crew again remains to be seen, but they maintain that they were in the right for walking off set.