Mini Ladd reveals why he took a sudden two-month YouTube hiatus

Virginia Glaze
MiniLadd, YouTube

Mini Ladd is a popular face on YouTube, boasting well over 5 million subscribers on the platform — but his extended hiatus from the site left viewers confused and concerned for the future of his content.

Craig Thompson, better known by his online moniker “Mini Ladd,” boasts a variety of content on his channel, with everything from gaming videos to meme reactions, vlogs, and more earning him a dedicated fanbase.

However, Thompson concerned his audience after announcing an unexpected break from making videos at the beginning of the new year, marking a sharp contrast to his usual upload schedule.

Miniladdd, Instagram
Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson concerned his fans after announcing a sudden break from YouTube in January.

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Craig made this official announcement in a Tweet on January 15, writing, “…I’m taking my first break from YouTube in the 9 years I’ve been doing this. Life has got me messed up and i’ll be back when I know I can make good content again. I love you all. I wont be long.”

Just over a month later, Thompson made his return to YouTube in an 11-minute video where he explained the myriad of issues behind his extended hiatus from the website.

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According to the YouTuber, his life had gotten so hectic that he had to put the brakes on his content creation, citing his move to Los Angeles, his live tour, mental health, and travel for multiple projects as part of the problem.

“I struggle a lot with mental health issues,” he began. “It’s not something to brush aside. It’s something you need to take seriously or else it’s going to catch up with you, and that’s exactly what happened. I was on tour, I was rushing videos out, I was just putting up anything I could. I wasn’t proud of the videos I was putting up.”

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That’s not all: he also explained that he’d broken up with longtime girlfriend and popular streamer Sami, who had taken their two dogs in the split as part of their mutual decision.

“Are we still friends?” he continued. “Yeah. It was a clean breakup in the sense that we don’t hate each other. It’s not like we’re blocking each other or talking sh*t, or whatever.”

Miniladdd, Instagram
Thompson revealed that he and longtime girlfriend Sami had broken up, which also influenced his hiatus from YouTube.

While Thompson claimed he won’t be back with daily videos right away, he is “feeling good” after taking some time to recover, and fans are excited to see what he’s got in store for the future.