Ludwig calls out Mizkif fans for double standards over drama farming

Ludwig MizkifTwitch: Mizkif, Ludwig

Ludwig didn’t hesitate to put fans of Twitch streamer Mizkif on blast, claiming that while Mizkif will “farm any drama” his fans quick to shut down any attempts to turn it on him. 

When it comes to Twitch, pretty much every day is a drama-filled day in some way. Some drama might be more widespread and garner attention from different corners, while there some is contained to one game or category.

Twitch streamers Ludwig and Mizkif are more than familiar with their fair share of drama, and are typically quick to weigh in on stuff. That, in turn, leads their fans to get involved and creates an even deeper cycle of drama at times.

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This has led to some streamers putting fans and other creators on blast for ‘drama farming’ but, for Ludwig, he put Mizkif’s fans under the spotlight as he believes that while they’re quick to ‘farm’ drama themselves, they’re even quicker in shutting down any criticism of the OTK member.

Ludwig's new streaming roomYouTube/Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig took a break from streaming in October but returned with a renovated hub for content creation.

During his November 27 stream, Ludwig poked fun at Mizkif’s ‘farming’ approach, saying: “I could literally be running away from the police, and he’d be watching it live, laughing at me.”

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He did, however, get a little more serious, adding: “Mizkids (Mizkif fans) blow my mind.” He made note of how Mizkif got involved with drama around Valkyrae’s skincare products and Hasan’s purchase of a house, but if the tables gets turned and people talk about Mizkif’s drama, his fans shut it down.

“The moment someone brings up Miz, the Mizkids are like ‘too far dude, we’re farming drama now? I thought we were being respectful, what the heck.’ I don’t know, I don’t get it,” Lud added. He further noted that he “can’t hate” Mizkif, but doesn’t understand his fans at times.

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Could this be conveniently timed drama?

Some fans noted that with the pair having a tiny bit of drama between themselves recently, there may be a little more than meets the eye. “Are they all just farming drama to boost the next episode of Mizkif’s parasocial show that they’re all on next week?” one comment said.

To tie into this event, another commenter pointed out that “Ludwig is also in charge of miz’s merch drop which is dropping in a couple of days.”

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On the topic of Mizkif and Maya’s relationship, another commenter said: “These things should be kept and spoken about in private by only the individuals involved.”

Whether this Ludwig’s comments are the start of more drama to come, we’ll find out soon enough.

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