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Maya breaks down amid Twitch drama with Mizkif, Ludwig & QTCinderella

Published: 29/Nov/2021 13:47 Updated: 1/Dec/2021 1:18

by Sam Comrie


Twitch streamer Maya shared a vulnerable moment with viewers, as she vented about the ongoing drama with viewers claiming her ex-boyfriend Mizkif has “replaced” her with Emiru. 

The streaming pair of Mizkif and Maya Higa started dating back in 2019 and quickly became one of the popular couples on Twitch.

The pair were pretty inseparable, appearing on each other’s stream frequently up until September of 2021.

Then, Miz and Maya announced their amicable breakup to their fans, but things have changed a little over the last few weeks as rising Twitch star Emiru has joined Mizkif’s content house and now regularly appears on his stream.


Mizkif (YouTube).
Twitch: Maya
Mizkif is a popular variety Twitch streamer.

Maya reflects on Mizkif drama

Many viewers, and a few streamers, have pointed out the similarities between Miz’s interactions with Emiru and what he was doing while dating Maya. It’s become a hot topic with the community recently, and has taken a toll on Maya who called it “exhausting” while streaming on her backup channel.

While she was reluctant to talk about it at first, Maya’s take on the situation was quickly picked up on by other streamers. However, she issued an apology for getting into it that turned pretty emotional.

“I stream to practice singing on my alt and I was hurt,” Maya explained.


Despite Maya knowing that any footage could potentially be clipped, she waivered this worry in a bid to vent her feeling: “I felt safe in that moment to talk about why I was hurting. I just wanted people to acknowledge that I was hurt and to understand why.”

“My hurt is other people’s hurt, because of who I am and who is involved and because of how public all this,” Maya added. In a previous stream, Maya said that she and QTCinderella talk “all the time” about the situation, with QTCinderella declaring it to be “f**ked up”.

She added that Maya “needs to talk about it,” despite her reservations. “In less than two months being replaced in every way but romantic is hard enough,” Maya said on the topic of Emiru moving in with Mizkif.