Ludwig says his streaming retirement is just a few years away

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star Ludwig Aghren has hinted that his retirement from broadcasting could just be a few years away.

Ludwig Ahgren is one of the internet’s most prominent streamers. As of May 16, the Mogul Money creator revealed he’s been streaming for six years.

Ludwig notably skyrocketed to worldwide fame in 2021 thanks to his record-breaking subathon, during which he streamed for a jaw-dropping 31 days without stopping.

Since then, Ludwig has gone on to helm a number of major projects such as his Mogul Money game show, his viral Mogul Chessboxing tournament, on top of raising $300,000 for charity during his ‘Subathon 2.0’ last year.

However, Ludwig has made several remarks about how his streaming career will eventually come to an end. While many content creators have been streaming for over a decade with no end in sight, Ahgren has claimed in the past that he has definite plans of retiring.

Back in September 2022, Ahgren penned a Tweet mentioning the eventual end of his streaming career. “Not today, not tomorrow, but at some point in the future I will quit streaming,” he wrote in a post announcing the launch of his ‘Offbrand gg’ content agency.

Several months have passed since this post — but it doesn’t look like Lud has changed his mind about the end of his career.

Ludwig teases end of streaming career in less than a decade

On May 16, Ludwig celebrated six years of streaming before making mention of his plans to eventually stop broadcasting to transition to another occupation.

“Today marks 6 years of streaming,” he wrote. “I think I’ll quit at 10 years. Excited to make cool sh*t until then.”

This means that, sticking to Ludwig’s word, he has four more years until he decides to say goodbye to streaming for good — that is, assuming he sticks to his plan.

In a response to fellow creator JSchlatt, Lud also joked that he “honestly might tap out and start a bakery next year,” not a surprising thought considering that partner QTCinderella is a cake decorator on top of her career as a streamer.

Ludwig isn’t the only creator considering a form of retirement, by far. In fact, YouTube star KSI has made plans to retire from boxing in 2023 after helping kickstart the influencer-boxing trend back in 2018 alongside Logan Paul.