Ludwig raises $300k in 50 hours during Subathon 2.0 and gets shocking haircut as a reward

Ludwig SubathonLudwig

Ludwig’s announcement of a second subathon came with the goal of raising money for charity, and, despite going through some tough times on the way there, he raised a total of $300,000.

While Ludwig won’t be streaming for a month straight like his original run on Twitch, he set a goal of raising $100k that would be split between the Alveus Sanctuary and No Kid Hungry.

In less than half of the 50 hours allotted for the Subathon 2.0, Lud managed to shatter his total donation goal, reaching $100,000 in only 21 hours.

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Ludwig shatters his $300k Subathon 2.0 goal

With Ludwig’s original subathon having a scale and scope that’s nearly impossible to replicate, the prolific streamer had to find a way to spice things up and make Subathon 2.0 stand out. He decided to host this subathon live at Dreamhack Atlanta, putting himself in a glass box for 50 hours straight.

He set several donation goals and incentives during the stream that have given viewers a reason to donate, ones that have put Lud in various embarrassing situations while he remains in the glass cage.

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Through all the trials and tribulation, Ludwig managed to reach his donation goal fast enough that he needed a new one.

At the conclusion of the stream, and after receiving a “dogsh*t” haircut, Ahgren confirmed the total amount raised was in excess of $300,000.

With his original Subathon, Ludwig sparked a trend that remains popular on Twitch and YouTube to this day. The current record for the longest subathon sits at over a year – and is still ongoing.

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Perhaps with his Subathon 2.0, Ludwig will spark a new trend of more ambitious streams, also in the name of charity.

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