Ludwig launches ‘Offbrand’ agency as he considers streaming retirement

Dylan Horetski
Ludwig talking on Trash Taste YouTube podcast

Ludwig has launched his very own creative agency, Offbrand, to help other creators create events as the star considers his inevitable retirement from content creation.

Since he began streaming full-time in 2019, Ludwig Ahgren’s popularity has skyrocketed to never-before-seen heights.

Rightfully so, as he has been the face of a historic 31-day subathon, his Jeopardy-Esque game show Mogul Money that ended in an iconic live event, and even an upcoming Smash Bros tournament.

As he considers his inevitable streaming retirement, Ludwig has revealed his very own creative agency: Offbrand.


Ludwig launches ‘Offbrand’ agency

In an exclusive report from The Washington Post, Ludwig said that he started Offbrand as a way to share his event planning knowledge with other creators.

He explained to TWP that he understands his career will end at some point. He explained: “When I’m 45 years old, certainly I will be [too] out of touch to have that on Twitch or YouTube.

“Rather than fear that and try to maintain success for as long as possible, I love the idea of helping other creators make things that I think are cool.”

Offbrand is co-founded by Nick Allen, Ludwig’s manager, as well as Twitch streamers Stanz and Atrioc — who are well known for being close friends of the now YouTube star.

Back in July, Ahgren revealed that the live version of Mogul Money lost him nearly $150,000, and he wants Offbrand to help creators not have to deal with that.

One of the first events that Offbrand plans to produce is his upcoming Chessboxing event that will take place on December 11, 2022.