Ludwig still has years of streaming ahead despite already planning his exit

Brad Norton
Ludwig on YouTube

While Ludwig is already planning ahead for his eventual streaming retirement, the YouTube star has assured fans he still has at least a few years of live content left in him.

From a historic 31-day Twitch subathon that kept thousands glued to their screens to his large-scale game show productions, there’s no denying Ludwig has consistently pushed the envelope as a streamer.

Never looking to grow complacent is a large reason as to why the YouTube personality just launched his own company in Offbrand. This creative agency has been designed from the ground up to help other content creators elevate their content. In fact, plans are already in motion for Offbrand to launch xQc’s own game show called Juiced on September 30.

For Ludwig, this move is essentially to keep one foot out the door as he eyes an exit from the lifestyle of a full-time streamer. And while countless fans still tune in daily, he believes his time in the spotlight is slowly drawing to an end so plans are already being put in place.

“Basically I think there’s two ways it goes,” he began during a September 29 YouTube upload. In regards to the end of his chapter as a full-time streamer, he claimed one of two things is guaranteed. Either he “streams a little bit over what [his] welcome is, a little bit longer than maybe [he] should.” In doing so, fans inevitably lose interest, viewership “drops drastically” and before long, streaming no longer generates enough revenue to justify the effort.

“That’s one path,” he explained, “and it’s not the prettiest end because [you] get a whole lot of sh** on the way down.”

On the other side of the equation, option #2 is to simply “step away,” he continued. “Taking control of how you quit your job and having some plan for the future.”

Evidently, Ludwig would much prefer the latter, being able to “go out with a bang” rather than gradually losing interest over time. Yet even with that in the back of his mind, Ludwig assured he’s still “gonna keep streaming for another few years” at the very least, so fans have nothing to be worried about in the near future.

But even if that time does come and Ludwig decides to step away from the full-time, near-daily streaming grind, it appears he’ll still be keeping involved in the community through his new company. Ultimately, that’s why he made Offbrand, to help others on their journey when he feels he’s no longer best suited in front of the camera.

“I know how to work with streamers because sometimes, I can be the annoying child that doesn’t show up on time,” he joked.