Ludwig removes video after Hasan accuses him of “farming” job controversy

Virginia Glaze

Ludwig has removed his YouTube video discussing the controversy surrounding Hasan’s comments on streaming and “regular” jobs after Hasan accused him of “farming” the situation for views.

Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan is facing backlash due to a comment he made regarding the difficulties of streaming versus a “regular job.”

During a February 24 broadcast, Hasan began discussing how drained his “social battery” becomes after a day of streaming. However, viewers quickly latched onto a clip from his stream where he claimed streaming is harder than working at a “real job.”

“Yes, a real job can be gruesome, a real job can make you very tired, but a real job doesn’t suck the soul out of you,” Hasan said. “The same way that nine hours of streaming absolutely will.”

Hasan is facing backlash over comments he made regarding streaming versus having a “real job.”

While Hasan argued that the clip was taken out of context, that hasn’t stopped critics from calling the streamer “out of touch.” Even other content creators have expressed their disagreement with Hasan’s opinion on the subject, including the likes of xQc.

However, another creator has removed their video discussing the topic after Hasan expressed his disapproval during a February 26 broadcast.

Hasan hits out after Ludwig makes video on “regular job” comments

Amidst the ongoing conversation regarding Hasan’s divisive remarks, fellow streamer and YouTuber Ludwig published a video discussing the topic.

In his video, Ludwig acknowledged his privileged position as one of the net’s top streamers and included the full context of Hasan’s comments — but before getting into the meat of the video, Hasan made it clear he didn’t approve.

“It’s such a fake f*ckin’ thing to do,” Hasan said. “It’s just literally using someone who you’re friends with, being maliciously clipped out of context and be like, ‘I’m actually one of the good content creators. I know how privileged I am.’

“It’s literally just a way to farm off the f*ckin’ drama. …it’s odd that I have to sit here and be like, ‘Yeah, you’re right, dude. Wag your f*ckin’ finger at me.’ This bums me out more than random dumbf*cks online that are saying a bunch of dumb sh*t about my family, or whatever.”

Ludwig removed the video from YouTube, leaving viewers speculating that he may have taken it down due to Hasan’s remarks – but Ludwig claims that’s not the case.

Later on February 27, Ludwig provided an explanation, saying that he’d taken it down due to it initially getting low views, which he claimed didn’t look good for the sponsor in the video.

He also expressed that he felt as if he was being “used” by critics who dislike Hasan, and even revealed that he’d received death threats after taking his video down.

“Nobody actually gave a sh*t about what I was saying,” he claimed. “I was being used in a proxy war for people who don’t like Hasan.”

For now, Hasan continues to combat his critics as more and more opinions roll in regarding his viral comments.