Ludwig’s Mogul Chessboxing Championship event: Full results, fight card, more


Ludwig’s highly-anticipated Chessboxing event is now in the books and we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how it all played out.

Influencer boxing events have been on the rise over the last few years, starting out as a way for content creators to settle their beef, before expanding into some actually fighting real fighters and athletes. 

Despite some influencers making the switch to professional boxing, there are still plenty of content creator-focused events are still happening under exhibition rules and for fun. 

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YouTube streaming star Ludwig just got in on the fun with his own event after months of anticipation, but he put a spin on things as it wasn’t any ordinary boxing event. Instead, there was also a chess element, meaning got to see fighters battle it out in Chessboxing. Yes, it’s a thing, and here’s what you need to know about the very first event that saw the likes of Myth, Toast, and Andrea Botez all getting involved.

Chessboxing results & fight card

When it comes to the fight card, there were quite a few recognizable creators taking part in Ludwig’s event including Disguised Toast, Myth, BoxBox, and Abroad in Japan to name a few.

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Below is a rundown on the full results of how each matchup unfolded.

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  • Smashboxing Undercard
    • Fiction defeats KJH via 3-0 in Smash Bros.
    • 2saint defeats Spud via Round 1 TKO.
  • Chessboxing Card
    • BoxBox defeats Stanz via Round 4 TKO.
    • Abroad in Japan defeats Overtflow via time advantage.
    • Hugs defeats Toph via Round 2 TKO
    • Chessbrah defeats Lawrence Trent via Round 2 TKO
    • Dina Belenkaya defeats Andrea Botez via checkmate.
    • Myth defeats Cherdleys via time advantage.
    • Disguised Toast defeats PointCrow via checkmate.

How to rewatch Ludwig’s Chessboxing event

As noted, Ludwig’s Chessboxing event, is now in the books as action went down on December 11 at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. However, you can still catch up by watching the full YouTube vod below.

The event consisted of seven matches on the Chessboxing side of things, and another two for Smashboxing. Yes, Smashboxing. It combined boxing and Smash Bros, if you couldn’t tell right away. 

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What is Chessboxing?

Chessboxing and Smashboxing are, well, exactly how they sound. The former has been a thing since the early 90’s, where fights alternate between a round of chess and a round of boxing. The winner is typically determined by checkmate, resignation, knockout, or disqualification by the referee. Though, boxing points are used if it goes the distance.

It was just the same for the Smash Bros side of things too – one round of Smash before one round of, well, actually smashing each other with boxing gloves. 

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