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Ludwig addresses YouTube switch complaints with new Twitch-like extension

Published: 21/Jan/2022 12:55

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Aghren has, once again, touched on a few issues he has with streaming on YouTube, but he is also looking to address them with an updated version of the Mogul TV extension. 

Seeing streamers switch platforms has become increasingly common over the last few years with YouTube and Facebook Gaming trying to snap up some of Twitch’s biggest name.

Ludwig’s move from Twitch to YouTube back in November came as a pretty massive shock, given he had become the supposed ‘golden boy’ of the Amazon-owned platform following his historic subathon and popular original shows.


Since making the switch, he’s run into a few hiccups with the streaming side of YouTube – most notably, being struck with ‘bans’ for watching copyrighted content – but he has tried to make the experience as close as possible to what he left on Twitch.

Ludwig stunned on first YouTube stream.
YouTube: Ludwig
Ahgren exploded on Twitch, then made the big-money move to YouTube.

In his January 21 video, the YouTube streamer addressed a few more of the complaints some of his fans have had with YouTube, including issues with VODs, him being regularly timed out for copyrighted content, speed of his chat, and not having their Twitch data moved over.

The Twitch account data – including how long a fan had been subbed – had been addressed in an extension that was ultimately blocked by Twitch on grounds that their data was being used on a competitor site. “I’m not mad at Twitch, I understand why they did it, but it also meant that my workaround failed,” Ludwig said. “But, we have a new one now.”


Ludwig’s new workaround is another version of the previous extension, however, it now uses a viewer’s Discord account – and relies on them being truthful about how long they’ve been a fan – to bring back sub badges and the likes.

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The streaming star noted that other issues like his VODs have been addressed with playlists and another channel through YouTube, but the extension is what will bring back the Twitch-like vibes.

He also teased that if enough fans get involved, he might be able to implement Twitch-like features of channel points and predictions later down the line.