Logan Paul explains why he doesn’t think Andrew Tate will agree to fight Jake Paul

Logan Paul shuts down Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight rumorsYouTube: IMPAULSIVE, BS w/ Jake Paul, Samuel Leeds

YouTube star Logan Paul isn’t convinced that former kickboxer Andrew Tate will actually “step up” and fight Jake Paul as boxing rumors fly between the two personalities.

Fans are paying close attention to the apparent beef brewing between YouTube-boxer Jake Paul and inflammatory internet commentator Andrew Tate.

While Paul has made no bones about calling out Tate in the past, with Tate claiming he’s happy to take on one (or either) of the Paul bros, things have heated up in the past few weeks.

Most notably, the influencers faced off in a viral Twitter video on November 10, which Jake Paul captioned “Negotiations,” seeming to hint that the two were in talks for a possible bout.

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More recently, the pair met up again at the Deji vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match on November 13 in Dubai, exchanging verbal barbs before Paul was allegedly kicked out of the venue on the orders of Mayweather.

Logan Paul shuts down Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate rumors

Despite this build-up, big bro Logan Paul isn’t sure that Tate will actually step up to the challenge, saying that there’s a lot on the line if the ‘Top G’ actually loses to his little brother.

“Andrew Tate will not fight Jake,” Logan said in a November 15 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast. “Andrew Tate will not fight myself. That would be so silly. And if he does, it would be a money play. He’s gonna get his ass kicked. And the ‘Top G’ facade will finally be revealed as bullsh*t.”

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That’s not all; Paul claims that both he and Jake have been in talks with Tate for some time and have yet to see “action” from the controversial personality.

“I’m curious to see if he’s gonna step up. Let’s not forget, the man’s old-ish. What, 36, 37? I mean, bro, you’re old as f**k. …I’ve laid out multiple offers for this dude. Jake has f**king met with this guy. Let’s see action. One of us talks a f**king lot, the other actually does some sh*t.”

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For now, it’s unclear if Jake and Tate will actually meet in the boxing ring or not — but Tommy Fury may have gotten to Paul first, as recent reports state that the two are currently in talks for a fight in the UK.

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