Andrew Tate responds to Jake & Logan Paul fight challenge: “God has a plan”

Virginia Glaze
andrew tate responds to jake logan paul calloutYouTube: Stand Out TV, IMPAULSIVE

Controversial online figure Andrew Tate has given his response after Jake and Logan Paul discussed a possible fight with the former kickboxing champ.

Andrew Tate has made no bones about being open to a potential bout with Jake Paul, the youngest of the Paul brothers and posterboy for the current influencer-boxing craze.

He first called out Jake in 2021, after the budding boxer challenged MMA star Conor McGregor to a boxing match, saying he would “kick the living f**k” out of the YouTube star.

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Although he has come to respect Jake over the past year, it seems there’s very little respect for Tate on his end, notably roasting the mogul and his “virgin” fans in a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

“If my brother doesn’t f**k you up, I will,” Jake challenged. “It has to go down.”

Tate finally responded to this clear callout during an August 19 live stream with Twitch star Adin Ross, claiming he’s down to fight either Paul brother if the occasion ever arises.

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“I have nothing against either of them,” he said. “The time will come when we meet, and God has a plan. We’ll see what happens.”

“Okay, so if you were to pick which Paul brother to fight, who would it be?” Ross countered.

“Makes absolutely zero difference to me,” he answered. “If someone gives me an opponent to destroy, as a professional, I will destroy that opponent.”

Tate’s latest comments follow his unexpected appearance alongside Jake Paul’s boxing manager, Nakisa Bidarian, which cropped up on social media earlier this week, sparking rumors of a potential bout between the two online stars.

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For now, nothing is certain as Jake recovers from his canceled August 6 boxing match — but it’s clear that Tate is down to take on either of the Paul bros if fate allows.

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