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Logan Paul reveals why he didn’t invite Mike Majlak to Puerto Rico

Published: 30/Apr/2021 22:04 Updated: 30/Apr/2021 22:06

by Bill Cooney


During his first Impaulsive podcast from Puerto Rico, Logan Paul Paul told fans that longtime co-host Mike Majlak wasn’t on the show because he “didn’t invite him.”

The elder Paul brother recently moved his base of operations from California to Dorado, Puerto Rico, and on April 29 he released his first podcast filmed in the new studio there.

Besides confirming his upcoming fight against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Logan also apparently revealed that his longtime partner in crime, Mike Majlak, didn’t get an invite to his island getaway.


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Logan did mention that the studio in California was still the “regular” studio, but since he’s preparing for his upcoming fight against Mayweather, Paul could be living in and releasing podcasts from Puerto Rico for a good bit of time.


“We are in Dorado, Puerto Rico, you might also notice there’s one of us missing. Mike Majlak couldn’t make it to Puerto Rico,” he explained. “Because I didn’t invite him, that’s right.”

Despite some chuckles, Paul didn’t want to go into too much more detail, other than to confirm he had been ignoring Mike’s attempts to contact him.

“I’m just saying like, I definitely have not been responding,” Paul laughed. “So you’ve just got me and Georgie here in Dorado.”

Video starts at 2:00 for mobile viewers:

There’s no telling how long Logan will be chilling in the Caribbean, but as we mentioned, he’s prepping for his fight with Mayweather there – a bout that won’t happen until June 6, so we might not see Majlak on Impaulsive (at least Logan’s portion), until after that.


Mike hasn’t mentioned the apparent beef at all, and one of his most recent Instagram posts is of him partying and buddying it up with Logan at the Magic City club in Atlanta the same weekend as the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight.

Whether this is a just a spat between friends of something more serious remains to be seen, but the show will certainly feel different without the longtime co-host on the mic.