KSI takes shots at Deji during hilarious reaction to Logan Paul podcast appearance - Dexerto

KSI takes shots at Deji during hilarious reaction to Logan Paul podcast appearance

Published: 3/Jan/2019 19:50 Updated: 3/Jan/2019 20:33

by Wyatt Donigan


YouTuber KSI has finally opened up about his brother Deji going on Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast during the height of their feud in December.

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Deji’s appearance on Paul’s podcast came on the same day that his own diss track aimed at KSI dropped, both of which occurred despite KSI begging Deji to keep things between them. 

While things seem to have calmed down a bit following the ensuing escalation of their feud that came to a head on Christmas day, KSI still took the time to have a bit of fun with the whole thing in a video posted on January 3. 


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It’s clear throughout the entire video that KSI finds much humor in the situation, as he simply laughs his way through an abbreviated version of the podcast.

After this, however, KSI begins talking a bit more directly about his feud with Deji, pretty much saying that he’s done with the whole thing.

“I can laugh now because I’m in the clear,” says KSI on his feud with Deji. “I am free from my brother’s wrath. And now it seems like my bro is on [Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem]’s ass.”

KSI didn’t stop there, however, as he also goes on to mention Deji’s plummetting subscriber count on YouTube as an explanation as to why he’s changed his tune.


“Every time my bro makes a video about me, he just loses subs. So he’s not doing that anymore,” KSI says in between more fits of laughter.

He even explains that he told Deji they could fix things if he would just delete his diss track, but Deji has refused to do so, according to KSI.

“I don’t believe my bro is being genuine in actually working things out. I think he just wants to save face, which is sad because it’s just a video.”

KSI ends his video my also asking people to stop harassing his family, alluding to a video that Deji posted on January 1 featuring their parents pleading to be left alone.


Given the continued back and forth between these two over the last month, there’s no telling just when things will truly go back to normal.