PewDiePie calls out RiceGum and Jake Paul for promoting “shady” gambling sites

Alan Bernal

YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg looked into the shady business practices of other popular content creators Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le and Jake Paul in regards to the rehearsed promotion of gambling sites that reward “Hype Beast stuff.”

Although PewDiePie focused his attention to the overall ethical stance of promoting these kinds of gambling sites, he primarily took aim at the pair of YouTubers for aligning themselves with “sketchy” sites that exploit more than reward.

In his video, PewDiePie dissected how the site in question allures and deceives consumers much like the CS:GO skin gambling sites that once ran rampant, but took it further by keying in on YouTubers involved with the site who know they have influence over younger audiences.

Jake Paul / YouTubePewDiePie points to Jake Paul’s dishonest reaction after the popular content creator won an iPhone.

“Ricegum and Jake Paul have considerably young fans, and promoting a gambling website in general just seems like a bad idea for these people to do,” PewDiePie said. “Now obviously, [Jake Paul and Ricegum], don’t care.”

PewDiePie noted the similarities between the frequent inappropriate nature of his content in relation to his audience demographic, though he maintained that there is an abhorrent element to YouTubers promoting harmful sites knowing they have an easily influenced viewership.

Both Ricegum and Jake Paul have videos promoting these sites that seem to dole out extravagant rewards for little sacrifice, but PewDiePie suggests that that is just not the case.

“Seeing big YouTubers [like Jake and Ricegum] promote something like this that’s clearly known to be sketchy is kinda messed up,” he said.

The YouTubers don’t seem to fall in line with what PewDiePie would see as “the most morally ethical” personalities on the site, and their part in the promotion is only continuing the trend of scamming viewers.

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