Deji slams KSI on Logan Paul's podcast, shares more details about the ongoing feud - Dexerto

Deji slams KSI on Logan Paul’s podcast, shares more details about the ongoing feud

Published: 7/Dec/2018 12:48 Updated: 7/Dec/2018 13:20

by Connor Bennett


The beef between KSI and Deji doesn’t look to be coming to an end anytime soon, with the younger Olatunji brother appearing on the Logan Paul podcast.

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Since fighting the Paul brothers, the Olatunji brothers have gone back and forth with their own personal beef. It blew up in early December with KSI blocking Deji on both Twitter and Instagram, and the pair have traded blows since. 

KSI seemingly tried to clear the air with a tweet stating he’d always love his brother but Deji declined the peace offering. Instead, after releasing another diss track, the younger Olatunji brother took to the Logan Paul ‘ImPaulsive’ podcast to lash out further at his brother.


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“This has like manifested. I don’t want to go into full detail but it all kinda started off when I moved away,” Deji stated.

“When we like moved out from that house, I think that’s when it kind of started – he started just distancing himself from the family. He has time to visit the family but he would never just make the conscious effort. He would always put his friends first.

“Not just in like videos or anything but it would be, his friends would say something about me and JJ would believe them over me.”


KSI (left) and Deji (right) before they boxed against the Paul brothers.
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Deji continued to dish on his brother, adding further fuel to the fire based on the fact that KSI has distanced himself from their family. 

“He even blocked mum and dad. Yeah, on Twitter, Instagram and texts. Everything,” he said. 

“They’re (the parents) on my side. They know he’s messing up and they don’t understand why he’s acting this way. It doesn’t make any sense.”

(Timestamp for mobile viewers of 6:00 for below video.)

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After being quizzed on a number of topics, including whether or not the beef is fake, the fights between the two sets of brothers and the possibility of Deji boxing KSI, he added that he wants to right the situation. 


“Obviously I want this to get fixed but he really needs to sit down and see for himself what he’s doing wrong. Just from the video he made, his apology, it was such a trash apology in my opinion.

“He was so different to how he sounded on the phone to his video. I didn’t want this to get to the internet but the only way to get through to him is the internet – it’s pointless if I text him. He’s on about communication but he’s the one who sucks with communication.”