KSI begs Deji to end feud ahead of Deji's diss track release - Dexerto

KSI begs Deji to end feud ahead of Deji’s diss track release

Published: 6/Dec/2018 18:10 Updated: 6/Dec/2018 20:57

by Wyatt Donigan


The feud between brothers Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Deji Olatunji looks to have taken a nasty turn, causing KSI to scramble in hopes of resolving their issues before things blow up completely.

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While KSI and Deji spent most of 2018 feuding with Logan and Jake Paul, the brothers turned on each other recently when KSI blocked Deji on social media following comments Deji made on November 30.

KSI looked to have tried to clear the air with a Tweet on December 5 saying that he’d always love Deji, but that wasn’t enough for Deji who is now threating to take things to even greater heights.


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KSI (left) and Deji (right) together prior to their highly-publicized boxing matches with Logan and Jake Paul.

In response to a scathing video posted by Deji on December 5 in which he calls KSI an “an insecure fucking prick” and says he “no longer want to be [his] brother,” KSI posted a video of his own responding to the many claims laid out by Deji while reaffirming the love for his younger brother.

“Deji, I love you, bro. No matter what we say or do, I will always love you,” KSI says at the start of his six-minute apology. “Brothers fight. Brothers say things they don’t mean. At the end of the day, Dej, I will always love you. Simple as that.”


Despite the release of this video and his Tweet on December 5, Deji doesn’t seem to be accepting any of the apologies, which has led to KSI pleading further to squash the beef.

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KSI followed up his video with another Tweet asking Deji to not go on Logan Paul’s podcast and not release a diss track exacerbating the issue, saying: “This is our family, not entertainment. Please, can we just keep this all private.”

While Deji hasn’t responded directly to KSI, he posted a Tweet less than hour after KSI’s in which he teases the release of his diss track aimed at KSI.


KSI might be trying to desperately reign in the feud, but Deji looks to having absolutely none of it.