KSI returns to YouTube after Sidemen racial slur incident: “I’ve been messing up”

KSI on YouTubeYouTube: JJ Olatunji

KSI has returned to his personal YouTube platform weeks after a racial slur incident in a Sidemen Sunday video. Admitting to the wrongdoing after a short break, the British celeb pledged to learn from the experience and “improve” as a human moving forward.

Two weeks ago KSI and the Sidemen crew came under fire for a recent YouTube video in which, the social media star, boxer, and musician can be seen using a racial slur in conversation. Although the term was censored in the edit, many still took issue with its use, and for other Sidemen members laughing it off.

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As a result, the video was taken down, KSI apologized multiple times, and all parties involved are only now returning from a temporary break on YouTube. During the break, KSI was seen visiting a mosque in effort to educate himself amid the controversy. Now, he’s returned to his own platform on the ‘JJ Olatunji’ channel and addressed the situation in more depth.

“I took a little break,” he began. “I was really able to just step back and reflect on my whole life. I feel like I’ve just been going 100 miles an hour in general, especially this year, so much has happened.”

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Wanting to speak with his fans on a more personal level, he broke the silence on his own platform in order to admit his faults and outline plans to improve from here.

“I just wanted to record and talk on my own platform, let you know how I feel with everything that’s going on. From the Wade situation to me saying a racial term, I’ve been messing up. I’ve been taking a lot of L’s.

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“I took this break to really just educate myself and to improve myself as a human being. I’ve made mistakes, so many mistakes. But the important thing is, every time I’ve made a mistake, I’ve learned from it and improved myself, as a human being, that’s all I can do.”

One particular area he’s looking to commit more time to are his charitable endeavors, he added. Feeling as though he hasn’t “done enough” to help those in need of late, he’s now eager to “get in on the ground and properly help” where he can.

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“I’m almost 30. I feel like I’ve done a lot in my life. But I want to try and do more for the people who are suffering or struggling. Even me just being there, my presence, I feel like can go a long way.”

Looking to put these most recent mistakes in the rearview mirror, KSI is not focused on what lies ahead. The regular content “isn’t changing,” he assured, and the fight with Joe Fournier is still going ahead on schedule. But between it all, KSI promised to “do more” off the radar to help the community.

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